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Essie – Smooth Sailing

16 May

I need an intervention. I need to stop buying nail polish. Someone stop me! This week alone I’ve bought at least six new colours. This has officially become a problem. Uh, well at least I have new material for the blog?

I couldn’t say no to this :( Essie’s Smooth Sailing, that is (which is part of Essie’s Summer 2011 collection “Color Me Braziliant”).

Smooth Sailing is a lavender/periwinkle blue with tiny flakes of glass-fleck glitter (again, the type that seems to sit on the surface on the nail). Officially, this is described as a “a breezy lavender blue with a reflection of pearl”. Hmm. I’m not sure this is a “pearl” finish type of shimmer; it definitely uses visible glitter suspended in the polish as opposed to a pearly shimmer that’s only visible in the sunlight. Application was perfect in two coats. Absolutely no complaints here!

I’m beginning to really love glass-fleck polishes. The glitter seems to catch the light no matter how dimly lit the room is, which makes them perfect polishes for the spring and summer sun. :)

EDIT// Commenter Robin asks if the base colour of this is similar at all to previously blogged Joe Fresh Iris, and my conclusion is that it’s not. Smooth Sailing is much more blue and Iris is more purple. Quick bottle photo as a comparison:

Hope that helps you out, Robin! :)