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Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color – Silver Elements

13 Aug

In the wake of recent nail polish trends (crackles, flaky glitter top coats, and Peridot dupes, to name a few) comes another – magnetic polish! I’ve already blogged about one before (Color Club’s Magnetic Force), so I’m clearly on the bandwagon. Hey, I write a nail polish blog…I need to keep up with the trends  for new material, right? I’m not in denial.

I swear most beauty and fashion bloggers have suffered from that sort of skewed rationalization at one point or another.

Sally Hansen’s Magnetic Nail Color in Silver Elements starts off as a very frosty and metallic (read: somewhat streaky) mid-tone silver. With the magnet applied (located in the removable cap), stripes of darkened grey sprinkled with lighter silver sparkles appear. This is a very interesting magnetic polish! Unlike the previous Color Club one I tried, this one appears to have varying finishes after magnetization. What I mean is, the lighter stripes are just metallic, while the darker stripes are metallic and sparkly. I always thought magnets would just affect the colour of the polish without changing the “sparkle” factor of a certain area, but this colour proved me wrong. I hope all of that made sense!

This is a rather lovely effect which makes you look like you spent hours doing your nails. But nope! All I did was coat all ten fingers in one go with one thin coat of the polish. Then I did each finger individually with a thicker coat, and hovered the magnet over each finger before moving to the next one. 15 minutes, tops.

One important thing to note is that you must let magnetic polish dry completely before applying top coat. If you don’t wait long enough, the top coat will drag bits of the polish over the surface, leaving you with streaky lines and ruining the striped magnetic effect.


OPI – Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

7 Jul

OPI’s Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous is from their Swiss Collection for Fall 2010. What a fabulous colour! A gorgeous charcoal (reminds me of pencil lead) polish chock full of foil shimmer. It glitters beautifully in the sunlight, but isn’t gritty to the touch at all, and removal is pretty easy too. At two coats, application gave me no troubles at all. Not sure what else to say about this. It’s quite a straightforward colour and not much to write home about. If you’re into gunmetal foil nail polishes, you’ll certainly love this!

Revlon – Galaxy

27 Jan

Two posts in one day! ARE YOU EXCITED?!

Really just another excuse to procrastinate. But I won’t ramble this time.

Revlon Galaxy is a clear (slightly blue-tinged) glitter top coat with sparse, uniform glitter that reflects somewhat holographic (rainbow), and some that are deep blue/black (not reflective), with sporadic bits of medium-sized hexagonal glitter. It’s shown here over OPI Russian Navy that I posted two days ago.

My friend, who isn’t even interested in nail polish at all, grabbed my hand today and asked me: “Whoa! What’s on your nails? It looks like…the galaxy!” Haha, so the polish is very aptly named!

Really pretty top coat. My only gripe is that it doesn’t dry to as shiny a finish as I like, and can be somewhat dull-looking. It requires a good top coat to bring out its cosmic-like glory. I got it on sale though, so it was a steal! No harm done.

Zoya – Crystal

27 Jan

Gah I’ve been so busy lately! Too many assignments! Too many Dine Out dinners! Too many birthday parties!

And yet, I still find time to do manicures…and blog. Well, a girl’s gotta take a break, right? Just agree with me. Or else.

Zoya’s Crystal is from their Fire & Ice collection for Winter 2010 (I keep wanting to call this Charla. I don’t even own Charla). I’ve actually had it for almost 2 weeks but never did a mani with it. I tried it on individual fingers and just didn’t really understand its appeal. I think I’ll stay away from foil/uber-glittery polishes for a while – I’m just never satisfied with how they look on me. I prefer the clean, crisp look that cremes have.

What made me do one this time? I was at the mall today and automatically walked into the children’s barber shop that I buy my nail polish from (I know. I can hear Dora the Explorer in the background as I’m perusing the racks). I was desperately trying to find OPI Black Shatter which is currently out with the Katy Perry collection (review coming up), which luckily I did. I went home a happy shopper.

I like how the shatter effect looks over glitter polishes, so I decided to pull out all my most glittery, girly, bitch-to-remove polishes to test out Black Shatter. Zoya Crystal is one of those polishes. I don’t know. I liked how it looked on my finger today as I was testing out Black Shatter. So I went ahead and did all my fingers.

Okay, that’s a really long story on why I decided upon this colour today. I think I’m subconsciously procrastinating. I’m sorry.

Uh yeah, so…Crystal is a very reflective icy blue with a foil finish. It’s densely packed with blue and gold foil glitter. Let me just reiterate that this is very glittery (not chunky glitter, but pow-pow inyoface sparkle). Applied smoothly, but it was sort of sheer so I attempted thicker layers as I didn’t want to do use over two coats. Ended up rushing application (at this point I only had 2 hours to finish my paper) and it turned out kinda sloppy – though luckily it’s hard to tell from the picture.

This is my first Zoya polish and let’s just say that I’m not that impressed with this one, though I’m excited to try others. Especially now that I’ve found a bricks-and-mortar store in Vancouver that sells them! And for around $6, that’s not bad, even for a polish I’m ‘meh’ about.

EDIT// Change of heart. I checked my nails outside today outside and they look bitchin’. Honestly. I think this looks so crappy under incandescent light (way too glittery and lacking definition, if that makes sense). But under low lighting outdoors, this colour looks wonderful! I can clearly make out the irregularly shaped bits of gold glitter on top of a sea of fine blue foil glitter. It’s like someone spilled molten gold into an ocean (if molten gold floated, that is). Fabulous!

Aaaand I’m not even going to spell check. Have fun reading my typos and run-ons! :) Did it anyway, couldn’t stand it, haha!