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Misa – Bop Til You Drop

7 May

Okay. You know already that I love coral. I own enough coral polishes for two girls, but I can’t stop adding to the collection. Besides, Misa is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. I jumped at the opportunity.

Misa’s Bop Til You Drop from their Fall 2010 Hip to My Jive collection,  is a lovely addition to my already large collection of corals. It’s very much a true coral that doesn’t lean too orange or pink, with a beautiful golden microshimmer running throughout. This is my first experience with the brand Misa, and I was pleased. Pictured above is two coats, and I encountered no weird brush or formula issues.

I bought this polish from Well.ca, “Canada’s largest online health and beauty store”, with a $10 off coupon code. They sell your typical drugstore polish brands (e.g. Revlon, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, L’Oreal, NYC), but also ones that are slightly harder to find in Vancouver (China Glaze, Essie, Misa, Milani). Best of all, free shipping within Canada!


OPI – Steady As She Rose & Silver Shatter

12 Sep

It’s been a while! Almost two months in fact, since I’ve written a new post. Hope all of you have had a wonderful summer in the meantime!

I didn’t have a chance to swatch (or even use) many polishes while on exchange in Europe. I did receive several new ones from friends for my birthday when I returned to Vancouver (thanks guys!) but I left for Hong Kong only a few days after that. And the lighting in my room in HK leaves much to be desired; couldn’t get a decent photo of anything.

But enough of the excuses! I’m back now to spread some more nail polish love, and that’s all that matters, right? :)

Okay then, here goes nothing. I’m clearly a little rusty. I have here a nail polish that my dear friend Antin got for my birthday (pictured above is me with two of them. Doesn’t she have good taste? :p)

OPI Steady As She Rose, another pale and muted hue from the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection. I would clumsily describe this as a light, grayed, rose-lavender creme. Looks really clean on the nail. Applied somewhat streaky in the first coat; my advice is to apply as little pressure as possible with the brush to prevent dragging. It’s a great colour for those looking for something relatively neutral, but that is still a little out of the ordinary.

Here it is, shatterized (a word I just made up, what).

OPI Silver Shatter, which I believe came out in the same collection. I really love the look of Silver Shatter over pale, muted colours, so it was a perfect addition to the Pirates collection.

I bought Silver Shatter myself while I was in Hong Kong. I usually shy away from purchasing OPIs in HK as they are grossly overpriced – they run for about $120HKD/$15CAD on average, which is almost twice as expensive. However, I found this in Bonjour Cosmetics on sale for $64HKD, which makes it cheaper than the usual places I buy OPIs from in Vancouver. Nice!

The OPI Shatters are irritating, though. My Black Shatter is so goopy, it’s almost unusable. Silver Shatter turned goopy near the opening of the bottle within minutes. I fear the shelf life of the OPI Shatters is going to be very short indeed, so keep that in mind when purchasing. I’ve actually still got two more Shatters to review, so keep an eye out for them!

Layering 101: Essie – Kisses and Bises

30 Jun

A few weeks ago, I scored a beautiful new Essie polish from Shoppers Drug Mart for $2.99! Keep an eye out for SDM’s clearance racks, as sometimes there are gems lurking.

The shade I snagged is Essie’s Kisses and Bises, from the Spring 2011 collection French Affair. I was actually considering buying this at full price, because the shimmers in it are beautiful. I can’t pinpoint what colour exactly, but I would describe it as pink and gold, maybe a dash of copper? The shimmer is extremely fine and suspended in a milky off-white base colour.

On its on, Kisses and Bises won’t add much colour to your nails, but it is a brilliant layering polish. I’ve shown it layered over OPI Do You Think I’m Tex-y?. As you can see, it adds such a beautiful dimension to the jelly colour underneath. There are some visible brush strokes, but it’s not noticeable at all.

I’ve also tried Kisses and Bises over a black polish, and it looks even more phenomenal. The wicked pink/gold shimmer really alters the base black colour into something very unique indeed. I will post this combination when I get a chance!

OPI – Do You Think I’m Tex-y?

23 Jun

Just wanted to let everyone know first that I will be updating this blog less frequently over the next month, as I will be on exchange in Europe! No worries, I still have posts scheduled when I’m gone, but I’ve been busy packing and getting my stuff organized, so I haven’t had much time to write many posts in advance. Oh well. Here goes nothing!

OPI’s Do You Think I’m Tex-y?(CRINGE) is a “sorbet” finish polish from the Texas collection, just like the previously-blogged Guy Meets Gal-veston. What that means is that it’s a sheer, jelly-like polish. At one coat, it looks like a watery film of pink, with lots of your natural nail visible underneath. At three coats, it increases in opacity but still appears to look squishy…almost like a juicy berry. You don’t need a top coat with this one to achieve a high-gloss finish (yay!).

I actually quite like these new sorbet finish polishes from OPI, even though they’re not revolutionary in any way (no matter how hard OPI tries to convince me otherwise). Application was great, and they’re actually pretty opaque for jelly polishes. Three coats will be enough to get rid of a very noticeable nail line.

Is it summer yet? Essie – Fiesta

14 Apr

Sorry everyone, school has seriously been draining all the hours from my day. I have had absolutely no time to update this blog! My polish even – get ready for it – chipped because I hadn’t changed my polish for over a week (it was Butter London All Hail the Queen by the way, and considering my total lack of regard for my manicure during that week, I’d say it held up pretty well)! First world troubles, I’m telling ya.

The good thing about having two exams on the first day of exams means that I now only have one more exam to write, and I finish them all pretty early! Woohoo! Still, I can’t help but think of summer, and how perfect this polish would be for lazing around on the beach. And this is after it started raining and slushing where I live. I think there was even thunder and lightning! Gosh.

Okay, so Essie’s Fiesta is not the most unique polish on the block. It’s your run-of-the-mill hot pink, a little bit shocking, but not neon. I would say it’s more of a cool pink. Formula was good, but it’s one of those weird ones that Essie does that is a creme, but acts a bit like a petulant jelly. Does that make sense? What I mean is that it goes on a bit weirdly streaky, but not even in the sense that the application is uneven, but that some parts dry darker than others? Eh. I’m not getting anywhere with that description. But it’s nothing three coats doesn’t fix.

So yeah, it’s not unique amongst the other colours available on the market, but I only own one hot pink (and I intend to keep it that way), and I’m thinking that I made the right decision with this one. Now if only the weather will cooperate…

OPI Katy Perry – The One That Got Away

4 Apr

Totally kicking myself for not getting this one the first day I saw it.

Yup, it’s OPI’s The One That Got Away, from the Katy Perry collection. A mid-to-dark berry purple/dark pink colour with this wicked shimmer. The shimmer has the same quality as OPI’s Tease-y Does It – I think this is called “glass-fleck”? Well either way, I LOVE IT. A friend I bumped into a few days ago commented that it looks like it would be gritty to the touch (I agree; probably because it looks like the shimmer floats on the surface), but it feels absolutely smooth. It glitters gloriously in the sunlight. The above photo, taken under incandescent light, captures this somewhat.

Another photo of it under a fluorescent light; see how the shimmer looks sort of like it’s packed on the surface?

Strangely this one doesn’t look very impressive in photos. I can assure you, though, in person…it is gorgeous! Oh yes, and since it was part of the Katy Perry collection, which I’m sure you remember to have contained Black Shatter, this colour is also meant to be worn under the shatter polish. I don’t know though, I don’t really feel like covering up the amazing shimmer with some black shards of goop. *shrug*

OPI – Tickle My France-y

10 Mar

Hmm, nudes. I’m not a huge fan of “mannequin” hands – a few months ago I was sort of enamored with the idea of having nails that were exactly the colour of your skin. I’ve learned since then that it’s a hard look to wear, because it requires your nails to be in tiptop condition – every minor cuticle issue just becomes so apparent!

I’ve tried a couple of nudes, and I find that the ones that somewhat blend into the skin, but still offer some contrast, are ideal. Does this one live up to my expectations? Well…

OPI Tickle My France-y, another gem from their 2008 France collection (at this rate I’m going to own every polish in that collection…). I really like it! The shade is just a bit darker than my skin, and the colour is definitely pinker than my skin – the most muted taupe-y pink/lavender you’ll find. It looks elegant and clean, non-fussy but still pretty.

I think the problem I generally have with nudes is that they have a tendency to make you look jaundiced or give you lobster hands. And with a cream nude especially, formula is important – a lot of them can be super streaky and difficult to apply. This one was fine though, two coats and the streaks sort of meld into each other and become smooth again. And of course, you know how much I love the OPI ProWide brush!

Thanks to my friend Justina for letting me know about this colour! I remember asking her several times last term about her nail polish when she had this colour on. I love it! :)