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H&M – Peppermint Fusion

7 Mar

I had a very interesting week. Probably the most stressful I’ve ever had. Two papers, two assignments (all due within 12 hours), and a crazy difficult Income Tax midterm on Friday night…goodness. GOODNESS. That explains my lack of posting. Though that didn’t stop me from picking up 5 new polishes during this stressful time…hey, everybody needs therapy, and what better than retail therapy?

I FINALLY had a free(ish) weekend and spent part of it pleasantly shopping with Alison (the ingenious one who christened the blog’s name), and picked up this number:

H&M Peppermint Fusion. I know that H&M makes nail polish and on several occasions have been thisclose to actually purchasing, but have always put them down. No real reason, maybe just my subconscious telling me: YOU HAVE TOO MUCH NAIL POLISH. Couldn’t resist this strange one though.

The base colour is a dusty, gray-ish periwinkle blue, shot through with very fine and subtle bright blue shimmer. Oddly enough, this $5.95CAD polish reminded me of a Chanel polish, what with the dusty base colour and very subtle, lit-from-within shimmer. Chanel Paradoxal is so similar to this in texture and finish, although of course in a completely different colour.

Check it out, the shimmer is way more obvious close-up and under a camera flash!

ooooOooooOoo. Pretty.

It went on with no problems, and was opaque in two coats. Not bad for an inexpensive polish!

Oh yeah, and Peppermint Fusion? I honestly thought it was labelled incorrectly, because what part of this colour reminds you of peppermint in any way? Whatever. Nail polish names…why can’t you and I ever get along?