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Misa – Bop Til You Drop

7 May

Okay. You know already that I love coral. I own enough coral polishes for two girls, but I can’t stop adding to the collection. Besides, Misa is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. I jumped at the opportunity.

Misa’s Bop Til You Drop from their Fall 2010 Hip to My Jive collection,  is a lovely addition to my already large collection of corals. It’s very much a true coral that doesn’t lean too orange or pink, with a beautiful golden microshimmer running throughout. This is my first experience with the brand Misa, and I was pleased. Pictured above is two coats, and I encountered no weird brush or formula issues.

I bought this polish from Well.ca, “Canada’s largest online health and beauty store”, with a $10 off coupon code. They sell your typical drugstore polish brands (e.g. Revlon, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, L’Oreal, NYC), but also ones that are slightly harder to find in Vancouver (China Glaze, Essie, Misa, Milani). Best of all, free shipping within Canada!


Chanel – June

20 Mar

Has the weather been treating you well, wherever you are? It’s slowly getting warmer here in Vancouver, and now that spring’s officially arrived, I think it’s time to break out the appropriate colours :)

Chanel’s Le Vernis in June. I’ve been incredibly drawn to these kinds of pale peachy colours ever since using Essie’s A Crewed Interest (review here). This one is more of a pale orange, with the slightest drop of pink in there. Reminds me of a creamsicle! I’ve gotten a tan over my Reading Break, and this colour just serves to make my hands look even more sunkissed. Love.

Application was easy. Not the best, as it is a tiny bit sheer – I needed three coats to even everything out and achieve my desired opacity.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Kook-A-Mango

14 Jul


Hope everyone’s having a wonderful summer, because I certainly am! As you may know, I’m currently on a summer exchange program to Europe, and I am having a blast. The problem with traveling around several countries is that packing light is a necessity. As a result, I’ve only brought (gasp) two nail polishes with me. I’m already getting bored of them. It’s times like these that I wish I had this colour with me.

That is, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure’s Kook-A-Mango. A flat coral-orange creme. It leans towards orange in the above photo and in real life as well. There’s not so much red to speak of, and it’s not really pink either. It is a very wearable orange colour which would be perfect as a mani or pedi for lounging around on the beach (could’ve used this when I was in Barcelona…). Formula was decent. Opaque in two coats. I’m not a huge fan of the brush, but somehow I managed. I wanna wear this nooooow. :(

OPI – Guy Meets Gal-veston

22 Apr

SUMMER. PLEASE. It’s gotten to the point where I hope that typing in all-caps will make it true. Sigh. In the spirit of ineffectively making the weather cooperate, here’s another “summer” shade!

OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston, from the Texas collection, is one of their “sorbet” finish polishes. OPI’s really pushing this as a new, ingenious finish, but come on now. It’s really just a glorified jelly that’s been around for years; that is, a very sheer, watery polish. The above photo shows three coats.

Why would you even want a sheer, watery polish, you ask? Well, I love jelly/”sorbet” polishes because they build up to look like yummy squishy jellybeans. They look so clean and fun! Guy Meets Gal-veston is an adorable, punchy red-orange-coral that would look gloriously summery on toes in toe-baring sandals. One can only dream of wearing such footwear in this weather…

I’ll leave you to your own fantasies of summer for now, and wish all the students out there good luck with their final exams! :)