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I’m a Belieber: Nicole by OPI – My Lifesaver

16 Jun

Was there any nail polish obsessed person out there who didn’t cringe when they heard about the Nicole by OPI collaboration with Justin Bieber? I don’t know what else to say but…why? It’s so unnecessary. Thankfully, either JBiebz has really good taste in nail polish, or I just caught a lucky break.

Nicole by OPI’s My Lifesaver is a dead-ringer for the previously-blogged Gumdrop by Orly, an extremely clean-looking light/pastel turquoise creme. This colour is perfectly on trend, but I don’t know if I can give Justin Bieber the credit. Formula is very good on this, two coats and you’re looking at fully opaque coverage and a smooth finish.

However, I HATE THIS BRUSH. The Nicole by OPI Perfect Stroke brush is a perfect nightmare. I don’t mind the “sculpted” brushes so much (I just came up with that. Good, right?). I’ve used them before (like the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line), but for some reason these Nicole by OPI ones are particularly difficult. They’re not consistent at all, and are not shaped into a nice semi-circular shape that can fit nicely with your cuticle line. Every one I’ve tried has had a very strange shape and is so difficult to work with. The bristles are also quite stiff and can cause some dragging of the polish on your nail. If it weren’t for the superb formula, this polish would have been a nightmare to work with.

All I ask is for nail polish companies to use flat, rectangular brushes, much like the OPI ProWide ones. Or at the very least, use a traditional brush shape (thin, and circular at the base). If you’re going to do a “sculpted” brush, please make sure it retains its shape properly. Ugh.

Apart from that though, My Lifesaver is an outstanding colour with a great formula. Definitely worth checking out! Props, JBiebz. Props.