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Easiest nail art ever: Playing with texture!

10 Feb

A couple of days ago, I felt like pulling out some black polish and going a bit goth. Goth wasn’t enough though, and I straight-up wanted to look badass. Enter: matte top coat!

The only one I own right now is by Joe Fresh (again, $4 a pop) and it’s decent. The matte effect is certainly effective, although you may need two coats to avoid streakiness. Longevity is another issue. After a day of wear, the tips of my nails inevitably brush against cloth, skin, what have you, and the matte finish polishes itself to a dull shine. It’s actually an interesting ombre effect, with the matte being strong near the cuticle, and fading into shininess at the nail tips. But I wasn’t having it that day.

I whipped out my top coat, ready to polish each nail back to glossy inky blackness. But I decided to try something different! Behold:

The easiest nail art ever. Seriously. And it looks so cool! Before the top coat polish globs flatten out and dry down, it looks almost like water droplets!  This is all you need:

  • Nail polish of your choice – preferably a dark one, because I think the contrasting textures pop more than with light colours. I used OPI’s Black Onyx.
  • A mattifying top coat (again, Joe Fresh)
  • A regular shiny top coat – I would suggest a non-fast drying one. When you create the dots, fast drying top coats tend to dry faster (duh) when they come into contact with air. You can be left with weird blobs/indentations, or bits if stringy dried top coat. Not fun. I used Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar top coat, which is fast-drying and not ideal for this. Still looks okay though if you can work quickly enough.
  • Something to make dots with. You could get a nail art dotting tool – you can choose one based on how big you want your dots to be. I ended up using the end of an old crappy concealer brush.

So simple. Just apply regular polish, apply the matte top coat, then dip your dotting tool into the shiny top coat and dot away! The effect is fun and edgy, but requires little effort. Give it a try sometime, and let me know how it goes!


Joe Fresh – Gunmetal

30 Jan

Digging through my old photos to find material for the blog…must…not…buy…more…polish…

Joe Fresh’s Gunmetal. A brown-taupe FROST (I know, shock horror!) full of metallic shimmer, and a little blue and pink shimmer if I look closely enough. I don’t know. Frosts are really not my taste. This one wasn’t too horrible, as brush strokes are minimal – you know I can’t stand brush strokes. I think frost shimmers are just a little much on me.

What I love about Joe Fresh polishes though, is that they are affordable and of great quality. So even if you end up buying a colour you don’t love, you’re not out too much money. Though I’ll probably end up giving this to someone who appreciates frosts more than I do.

Joe Fresh – Butter

30 May

Haven’t blogged in a while, sorry about that! But now I’m back to show you some more Joe Fresh polishes.

Joe Fresh Butter, a light pastel yellow creme. I’ve been wanting a colour like this for a while and finally settled on this one. Application wasn’t particularly smooth, but it was decent, considering the reputation that yellow creme nail polishes have for being thin and streaky. As a result, I needed three coats. The brush can cause quite a bit of drag on the nail, so use a light touch when applying. All things considered, the end product (with top coat) looks pretty flawless. And I can’t find it in my heart to fault Butter on its application issues when it looks so pretty and perfect for spring!

Joe Fresh – Moss

19 May

So according to my friend, the name “Moss” for a nail polish is not very appealing. I’d beg to differ!

Joe Fresh Moss. Okay, admittedly this is not the most delicately pretty nail polish in the world. I know a lot of people are turned off by green nail polish to begin with, let alone one that is yellow-based. I, however, love this! A flat medium-dark green creme that is heavily yellow-based. Mossy is the perfect word to describe it. Again, no problems whatsoever with the Joe Fresh formula and application. A definite good buy!

holycrapyouneedthis: Joe Fresh – Twilight

10 May

Joe Fresh, knocking it out of the park again. Starting with a close-up this time!

Ugh. Joe Fresh Twilight is a $4 polish, people. And it has flakies in it. Beautiful duochrome-tastic flakies. It has a sheer black jelly base (that, upon first coat, looks utterly crap), that builds to an opaque black in two coats. And suspended within it are the most hypnotic bits of misshapen glitter flakes (“flakies”) that flash blue, green, orange, and gold (the bottle photo below shows it particularly well).

Uggggggggghhhhh (just to be clear, all these guttural noises are meant to evoke feelings of desire and lust, and not of disgust).

I cannot contain my love for this polish. There was only one of these left on the racks at Superstore, and when I picked it up, I audibly said to myself: “Oh my freaking God”, and put it into my basket within two seconds of picking it up. I knew instantly I had to have it. I can even look past the fact that it shares a name with my least favourite teen vampire franchise.

I do realize this polish is better suited for the colder months—in fact, this would make a kick-ass Halloween manicure. But I don’t care that it’s May and was 16 degrees yesterday. I’m going to wear whatever awesome nail polish I want (keep in mind, this is coming from the girl who has been aching for the return of spring and summer for the past couple of posts now. What can I say? I just can’t commit to one season).

Spring is in the air! Joe Fresh – Iris

4 May

Ah, life is good. Exams are over, my final marks have been released (and…they are satisfactory :D), I’m traveling to Europe in a little over a month, and the sun is out! What more could you ask for? Yeah, maybe a nice nail polish. Yesterday alone, I hauled five polishes. Even for me, that’s excessive. This was one of them:

Joe Fresh Iris. I also bought Moss and Gunmetal (Joe Fresh polishes are $10 for three). What a lovely spring-y colour! A medium blue-purple (“blurple”) creme, just like an iris. And for once I’m not wearing it to make myself feel better, but to rejoice in the sunshine!

This colour went on smooth and opaque in two coats. It dried just a bit matte, so if you desire an ultra-shiny look, make sure to finish it off with a good top coat.

I’ve blogged about Joe Fresh polishes before, but just to reiterate: the brush is a bit wider and flatter than your traditional polish brush, much like the OPI ProWide brushes. It is attached to the clumsy, short white cap. I do wish the cap was removable (like Chanel polishes) to reveal a skinnier, easier-to-hold lid. It’s not a huge problem though, because the brush works well and the formula flows smoothly.

My experience with Joe Fresh polishes has been really good so far, so I’d definitely recommend them!

Joe Fresh – Peacock

21 Feb

Hey everyone! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s sad because Reading Break is over, and let me tell you…I did absolutely nothing. Honestly. I’m kind of ashamed of myself. And also extremely proud – I certainly can’t enjoy any more of this couch potato bull crap starting today :( Midterms and papers! Sigh.

But what better than to cheer yourself up with an inexpensive nail polish? Those of you who live in Canada may be familiar with Joe Fresh, which sells affordable clothing, accessories and beauty products at Loblaws, Superstore, and various free-standing stores across the nation. This is the first nail polish I’ve tried from the brand and I have to say, I quite like it!

Joe Fresh Peacock is a deep teal (leaning on the blue side) with intense teal shimmer – in the bottle you can see a bit of a teal and purple/blue duochrome shimmer but it’s barely visible on the nail, except in low light. To me, it’s the teal version of the polish featured in my last post, Essie Sexy Divide. It has that same glowy quality (perhaps with somewhat more visible brush strokes, but they’re not at all obvious) – dark round the edges and light in the centre. So pretty!

The bottle is a bit clumsy though – the lid is really short and wide, making it a bit awkward to get a good grip on it when applying. However, I like the brush a lot. It’s very similar to the OPI ProWide brushes which I find very effective for neat application. Formula was good as well, as I only needed 2 coats to achieve opacity.

After checking out the colour range, I can say that Joe Fresh polishes are very on-trend (I can’t wait to try out some of the super pretty pastels). For $4 a pop, or $10 for three, it’s a great way to try out some new colours without making a huge commitment. Fair warning though: on a per-ml basis it’s not the cheapest polish around (it’s a bit more expensive than OPI), but I’m still going to pick up some more colours the next time I’m at Superstore! :)