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Orly – Gumdrop

30 Mar

So sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been a bit busy/lazy! But I’m back to share one of my favourites…

Orly’s Gumdrop, from their Spring 2010 Sweet collection. Previously blogged about in my Skittles Shatter NOTD. It’s a clean-looking turquoise (blue-green) pastel creme. Love. It.

Such an adorable colour, perfect for spring! I spent a good amount of $$$ for it in Hong Kong, though. I’m sure if I was more resourceful I could’ve got it for less. Enh. I love the colour too much to care! I’ve been told it’s a very close sister of Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague, which would’ve put a much larger dent in my wallet.

However, there are some application issues. I can’t control this polish well…it’s a bit runny, yet goopy, which makes getting the right amount somewhat of an art. Longevity isn’t great either. This is one of those polishes I can easily peel from my nail in a solid layer (that’s actually how I often remove my polish – after a shower, where the steam makes it pretty easy to peel it off. Probably not great for my nails?).

Ah. It’s such a nice colour, I think I can forgive. My polish turnover is like two days anyway, so I’ll think of it as a blessing to be able to remove it so easily.

And look at how cute it is once you throw some polka dots at it! I did this a few months ago using the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in white.

Have a great hump day!


Successful Skittle Shatter!

5 Feb

Whoa, I finally got OPI Black Shatter to look, well, like advertised.

I’ve been itching to try this mani ever since I’ve gotten Black Shatter, if only to see if I can pull off the cool-looking, if slightly juvenile “skittles” manicure. Skittles meaning using different (usually bright) colours on each finger. I’ve tried variations on it before (my favourite being the gradation manicure – shall post one of those another day), but have been too scared to actually rock the look. The hope with Black Shatter was to make the look more edgy and “disguise” some of the bright colour while keeping visual interest. Well, we’ll see about that…

First, skittles! Cute, right? Should have probably used a more pastel yellow but alas, I do not own one (can’t help but think American Apparel Butter would be a perfect substitute!). Let’s go through the colours:

  • Thumb: OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • Index: American Apparel Manila
  • Middle: Revlon Top Speed Jaded
  • Ring: Orly Gumdrop
  • Pinky: Revlon Gum Drop (yes, I used two polishes named gum drop. It was a coincidence, I swear! Also the pinky one happens to be scented. Sickly sweet…don’t think I could do a full mani with it, barf)

Time to shatter it up!

Looks like the juvenile skittles got introduced to some recreational drugs and are now looking significantly more edgy! Definitely something that I could wear without feeling self-conscious. Though I got plenty of weird looks from people today anyway (one girl especially who stared at my nails the whole time I was washing my hands in the restroom). Regardless, Shatter takes out the saccharine quality from the bright pastel colours and makes the whole look more wearable. Awesome!

Oh also, compare this to how the shatter looked over the GOSH Holographic polish I wrote about a few days ago. See how the shatters actually look fully formed rather than…weird tree branches? I don’t know if before I used layers that were too thin, didn’t let Holographic dry enough, or just the weird nature of holographic polishes in general. Just know that if you own OPI Black Shatter, here are some helpful tips:

  • Let the base colour dry completely.
  • If you want the shatters to be far apart, apply a thicker layer.
  • Be sure to apply a shiny top coat to protect the shatter layer, as well as smooth out the wonky brush strokes.

:) Have fun!