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Joe Fresh – Moss

19 May

So according to my friend, the name “Moss” for a nail polish is not very appealing. I’d beg to differ!

Joe Fresh Moss. Okay, admittedly this is not the most delicately pretty nail polish in the world. I know a lot of people are turned off by green nail polish to begin with, let alone one that is yellow-based. I, however, love this! A flat medium-dark green creme that is heavily yellow-based. Mossy is the perfect word to describe it. Again, no problems whatsoever with the Joe Fresh formula and application. A definite good buy!


Joe Fresh – Peacock

21 Feb

Hey everyone! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s sad because Reading Break is over, and let me tell you…I did absolutely nothing. Honestly. I’m kind of ashamed of myself. And also extremely proud – I certainly can’t enjoy any more of this couch potato bull crap starting today :( Midterms and papers! Sigh.

But what better than to cheer yourself up with an inexpensive nail polish? Those of you who live in Canada may be familiar with Joe Fresh, which sells affordable clothing, accessories and beauty products at Loblaws, Superstore, and various free-standing stores across the nation. This is the first nail polish I’ve tried from the brand and I have to say, I quite like it!

Joe Fresh Peacock is a deep teal (leaning on the blue side) with intense teal shimmer – in the bottle you can see a bit of a teal and purple/blue duochrome shimmer but it’s barely visible on the nail, except in low light. To me, it’s the teal version of the polish featured in my last post, Essie Sexy Divide. It has that same glowy quality (perhaps with somewhat more visible brush strokes, but they’re not at all obvious) – dark round the edges and light in the centre. So pretty!

The bottle is a bit clumsy though – the lid is really short and wide, making it a bit awkward to get a good grip on it when applying. However, I like the brush a lot. It’s very similar to the OPI ProWide brushes which I find very effective for neat application. Formula was good as well, as I only needed 2 coats to achieve opacity.

After checking out the colour range, I can say that Joe Fresh polishes are very on-trend (I can’t wait to try out some of the super pretty pastels). For $4 a pop, or $10 for three, it’s a great way to try out some new colours without making a huge commitment. Fair warning though: on a per-ml basis it’s not the cheapest polish around (it’s a bit more expensive than OPI), but I’m still going to pick up some more colours the next time I’m at Superstore! :)

Successful Skittle Shatter!

5 Feb

Whoa, I finally got OPI Black Shatter to look, well, like advertised.

I’ve been itching to try this mani ever since I’ve gotten Black Shatter, if only to see if I can pull off the cool-looking, if slightly juvenile “skittles” manicure. Skittles meaning using different (usually bright) colours on each finger. I’ve tried variations on it before (my favourite being the gradation manicure – shall post one of those another day), but have been too scared to actually rock the look. The hope with Black Shatter was to make the look more edgy and “disguise” some of the bright colour while keeping visual interest. Well, we’ll see about that…

First, skittles! Cute, right? Should have probably used a more pastel yellow but alas, I do not own one (can’t help but think American Apparel Butter would be a perfect substitute!). Let’s go through the colours:

  • Thumb: OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • Index: American Apparel Manila
  • Middle: Revlon Top Speed Jaded
  • Ring: Orly Gumdrop
  • Pinky: Revlon Gum Drop (yes, I used two polishes named gum drop. It was a coincidence, I swear! Also the pinky one happens to be scented. Sickly sweet…don’t think I could do a full mani with it, barf)

Time to shatter it up!

Looks like the juvenile skittles got introduced to some recreational drugs and are now looking significantly more edgy! Definitely something that I could wear without feeling self-conscious. Though I got plenty of weird looks from people today anyway (one girl especially who stared at my nails the whole time I was washing my hands in the restroom). Regardless, Shatter takes out the saccharine quality from the bright pastel colours and makes the whole look more wearable. Awesome!

Oh also, compare this to how the shatter looked over the GOSH Holographic polish I wrote about a few days ago. See how the shatters actually look fully formed rather than…weird tree branches? I don’t know if before I used layers that were too thin, didn’t let Holographic dry enough, or just the weird nature of holographic polishes in general. Just know that if you own OPI Black Shatter, here are some helpful tips:

  • Let the base colour dry completely.
  • If you want the shatters to be far apart, apply a thicker layer.
  • Be sure to apply a shiny top coat to protect the shatter layer, as well as smooth out the wonky brush strokes.

:) Have fun!

OPI – Jade is the New Black

4 Feb

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted! It’s from all the dinner parties, coffee dates and movie-watching. Did you see The King’s Speech yet? If not, run, do not walk, to the theatre. It’s brilliant, cast was excellent. And Colin Firth was, of course, sigh-worthy. Also went to Dine-Out at Fishworks in North Van – so yummy! Will likely take my mom there for her birthday.

All this happened between Monday and Wednesday, by the way. Somehow I managed to make myself believe that it was the weekend. Too bad I have a midterm and an assignment due next Monday. *sigh* I think I foresaw the horror of the following week and decided to treat myself to an early weekend. Time to start crackin’!

Hopefully things will start to look up with this gorgeous colour, though!

OPI’s Jade is the New Black is from the Spring 2010 Hong Kong Collection (Holla! Home town represent!). Of course I was excited for this collection and what they decided to name them. But as expected, the names are cringe-inducing and horribly cliche. To give you an idea, here are some of the other polishes from that collection: Suzi Says Feng Shui, A Good Mandarin is Hard To Find, Panda-monium Pink, Red My Fortune Cookie, Dim Sum Plum, Chopsticking To My Story, Bling Dynasty. *insert collective groan here*.

There are way more defining characteristics of Hong Kong that could have been used to name nail polish without resorting to general American cliches of Chinese culture. The fortune cookie wasn’t even invented in Hong Kong! I haven’t even eaten a fortune cookie in Hong Kong before! Also, Japanese and Korean people use chopsticks too! What the hell! And Bling Dynasty is just tacky.

Okay. I’m getting irrationally angry about this. Moving on.

I freaking adore this colour. A perfect mid-toned green creme, slightly on the blue side (but not at all teal). Not too bright. It looks so clean on the nail! Average polish turnover for me is 2 days. I had this on for 5 days! I think it might be a record – it’s definitely love.

Essie – Sew Psyched

23 Jan

I love green nail polishes – deep hunter green, bright emeralds, pale mints, dirtied olives – I would even consider wearing a neon fluorescent (sadly I do not own one as of now). In fact, I honestly can’t think of a colour of nail polish that I dislike because I think it’s too “strange”. Though obviously I have once disliked a colour because it made my fingers look funky. One such colour was Manila by American Apparel – made my cuticles look bright red!

I digress. For those of you who aren’t that inclined towards crazy colours though, perhaps you should get your feet wet with this gorgeous number:

(Picture taken indoors under incandescent lamp – click to enlarge)

Ah, Essie. It’s a love it or hate it brand for most people, and I subscribe to the former group. They never stray too far away from what they’re good at (classic and trendy neutrals), but why change a good thing? Formula us usually top-notch. My only gripe with the brand is that their brush isn’t stellar. I’ll save all my comments on that for a future post on brush comparisons!

Sew Psyched hails from Essie’s Fall 2010 collection and is a winner in my book. It’s a dusty greyed-green with a very subtle white/silver shimmer – super hard to detect. It’s a great colour for the colour-wary – subtle, not too in-your-face, but yet still noticeably green. No complaints with the formula – looked great with two coats and applied very evenly.

It’s successfully quelling my lemming for Chanel’s Khaki Vert (it’s not a dupe, though Sew Psyched does happen to be an near-identical dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Diddy Mow). It’s also an extremely wearable colour that doesn’t get me weird looks from strangers, like the time I wore a highlighter yellow nail polish (for the record, I didn’t like how it looked on me, but I had no time to take it off D:).

It suddenly occurred to me that you probably want to know where I bought this – again, I will likely write a blog in the future detailing where I buy nail polish in the Greater Vancouver area. Stay tuned! :)