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Barielle – Falling Star

24 Jan

This one’s a weird one, guys.

Barielle’s Falling Star. Got this at Winners last week, the only place that seems to sell Barielle in Vancouver. This is definitely a polish that I haven’t seen before – mid-toned, slightly dusty blue creme base, packed with medium-sized bits of copper glitter. Wha? A combination that I’ve  never really thought of. Props for originality, Barielle!

Uniqueness aside, I’m debating whether this colour combination really works for me. I feel like the copper clashes with the blue, making the glitter look dull at certain angles. My nails sort of looked like they were flecked with little piece of…dirt? Hmm. Not sure I’m sold on this.

Of course, since this is full of glitter, removal was a horrendous process. It wasn’t even as bad as it could be – I peeled off most of it in the shower (which is not a good habit, but if you’re desperate to remove glitter polishes easily…give it a shot. Something about the steam makes the polish easy to lift from the nail). I couldn’t quite get my pinky finger, so I went with good ol’ nail polish remover route – ugh! Blue base comes off easily, leaving behind an armour of copper glitter that you must scrub furiously with your cotton pad. Glitters…it’s a love/hate relationship.


Runway Ruffian Nails

25 Apr

Okay. So I’m barely 5’1″ with a decidedly un-waif-ish figure and therefore have no chance in hell of ever being on the runway. But does that mean I can’t try the trends? Of course not!

Behold, the Ruffian Manicure! It was imagined by the people at CND and debuted on the fingertips of models at the FW2010 Ruffian show. The original manicure actually has the blue part mattified with a matte top coat (which I do not own), and I think the original colours were metallic silver and matte black. Though, I think my warm gold/copper and royal blue version complement each other well, and the glossiness looks pretty.

It was surprisingly easy to do myself, too. I started off with one coat of Revlon Copper Penny, followed by two coats of Orly La Playa (which I’ve previously blogged about here) over it. The crescent shape is accomplished by applying the polish the same way I apply it at the cuticle line, if that makes sense.

Anyway, there are a ton of brilliant tutorials available to check out if you just Google “Ruffian manicure”, so you won’t have to read my inadequate descriptions. :)

China Glaze – Unplugged

14 Mar

Another nail polish I bought on my mini-spree over the past week:

Oooh, how do I describe China Glaze Unplugged (from Spring 2008’s Ecollection)? It’s…a very rich warm brown, ever so slightly red, packed with copper/gold shimmer. Another one of those shimmery dark polishes that’s dark round the edges, light in the centre…seems to be glowing and lit from within.

I like the colour, but I’m not sure about brown nail polish. Will just have to get used it it, I suppose!

I’ve actually only tried two China Glaze polishes before, and I’m kind of ‘meh’ about them. The brush is seriously way too skinny and small and doesn’t fan out over the nail very well, making it difficult to shape around the cuticles. I had to do a lot of fix-up with a brush and nail polish remover after. I suppose that’s compensated for with the runny formula (which I’m not a fan of), but the brush makes it sooo hard to control. The polish kind of accumulates at the top as you’re trying to wipe off the excess, and you’re left with a huge goop of runny polish on your nail. With the two China Glazes I’ve tried, I’ve had to be VERY careful about getting just the right amount of polish on the brush. Sigh.

At least it was inexpensive – a couple of bucks at Winners. Even at regular price it’s not too damaging on the wallet. I will have to try out a few more CG’s to see if they’re all like this, but it might be worth dealing with the less-than-ideal formula for their more unique colours!