China Glaze – Unplugged

14 Mar

Another nail polish I bought on my mini-spree over the past week:

Oooh, how do I describe China Glaze Unplugged (from Spring 2008’s Ecollection)? It’s…a very rich warm brown, ever so slightly red, packed with copper/gold shimmer. Another one of those shimmery dark polishes that’s dark round the edges, light in the centre…seems to be glowing and lit from within.

I like the colour, but I’m not sure about brown nail polish. Will just have to get used it it, I suppose!

I’ve actually only tried two China Glaze polishes before, and I’m kind of ‘meh’ about them. The brush is seriously way too skinny and small and doesn’t fan out over the nail very well, making it difficult to shape around the cuticles. I had to do a lot of fix-up with a brush and nail polish remover after. I suppose that’s compensated for with the runny formula (which I’m not a fan of), but the brush makes it sooo hard to control. The polish kind of accumulates at the top as you’re trying to wipe off the excess, and you’re left with a huge goop of runny polish on your nail. With the two China Glazes I’ve tried, I’ve had to be VERY careful about getting just the right amount of polish on the brush. Sigh.

At least it was inexpensive – a couple of bucks at Winners. Even at regular price it’s not too damaging on the wallet. I will have to try out a few more CG’s to see if they’re all like this, but it might be worth dealing with the less-than-ideal formula for their more unique colours!


9 Responses to “China Glaze – Unplugged”

  1. Alison March 14, 2011 at 6:56 PM #

    I totally had exactly the same problems with my China Glaze! I hate how runny it is! I couldn’t get the perfect amount of it on the damn skinny brush! There was either too much or too little. Totally got my cuticle stick all dirty with all the cleaning up I had to do. *sigh*

    Although, I do really like the colour I bought. Can’t all be perfect huh?

    • Gigi March 14, 2011 at 8:33 PM #

      Yeahh, at least the colour I really enjoy! :( I guess that’s just a China Glaze thing then. Not so keen to try their other colours now.

  2. Jenn March 15, 2011 at 8:08 AM #

    Oooh, pretty! I feel like this colour would be gorgeous for fall :) I don’t mind the thinner CG formula – I find it dries better and I have more control over the colour, and as such I’m less likely to f it up!! My Seche Vite topcoat also help with that :P

    • Gigi March 17, 2011 at 1:41 PM #

      Yes this is definitely a perfect fall colour! Ah, to each her own I guess. I just find the runniness + skinny brush to really throw me off guard. I’m sure if I practice enough I’d be good at it :p

  3. Lilian March 17, 2011 at 1:37 AM #

    Gigi! I’d be sooo interested to see a picture of all the polishes you have..close to 50 maybe?

    • Gigi March 17, 2011 at 1:40 PM #

      Haha I actually did a count a few weeks ago – I think I was up to like 54? But I also counted the really old ones I have. But by now there’s definitely 50 that I alternate between. I’ll round ’em all up and take a picture for you, haha :p

  4. Christina March 30, 2011 at 9:20 PM #

    Pretty! Oh I know what you mean about the brush – that’s probably my biggest concern ;/ But the polish is pretty fast drying, which I like, and the bottles are very easy to open/close and hold. The Orly ones are bit too “fat” for my taste, lol.

    Very cute color and definitely cheap to boot! I recently bought CG’s Bogie (Vintage Vixen ’10) and it’s looks exactly the same except it’s a deep purple (more purple than the Chanel Paradoxal). It looks beautiful in the sun!

    My cuticles are very stubborn, despite how much clipping I’ve done (I have these super sharp cuticle clippers and I can’t cut all of my excess cuticle skin off!). So yea, the flat brush (it seriously fans out straight – no arch/curving whatsoever!) sucks. I do like the watery consistency, making the polish more flexible if you get too much. :]

    • Gigi March 30, 2011 at 9:29 PM #

      Ahhh! Maybe try not cutting your cuticles! I did that one summer. I didn’t touch my cuticles AT ALL except to moisturize them with cuticle butter/oil, and pushing them back with my towel after coming out of the shower. My cuticles were PERFECT. Then I got lazy and stopped moisturizing, and the skin started getting dry and cracking/splitting, and I started cutting them again :( A vicious cycle! Try not to touch them if you can, I think that’s my best tip :)

      Yeah I’m def gonna try more CG, I like that they’re cheap! Lots of unique colours too. I can deal with my issues with the brush/formula :p

      • Christina March 31, 2011 at 1:36 AM #

        Oooh good to know! Yea, my sister normally pushes cuticles back, but I generally have really dry skin, so she clips my dead skin away lol. My cuticles grow back pretty quickly though… Probably as fast (maybe even faster) than my own fingernails.

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