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Holographic Shatter!

31 Jan

Hello again, hope your weekend was swell :)

So if you’ve been reading my previous posts,  you’ll know I was at the kid’s salon looking for OPI Black Shatter. I saw a Katy Perry display but there was none to be found. Worried, I asked the owner if she had any more. Turns out she had stored them elsewhere and said I could only buy it if I also bought another polish. Ha! Like she thinks she can deter me from buying one polish by forcing me to buy another. I was happy to have an excuse to buy one more, thank you very much.

Enter GOSH Holographic. This is one of those rarities that seems to elude you. I have been stalking the GOSH section of Shoppers Drug Mart for months looking for this! To this day I still can’t find it. I had to buy this in Hong Kong for ~$10CAD, and for only 8ml! That’s $1.27/ml. By comparison, an OPI polish is 15ml and costs around $8CAD, or $0.53/ml. Ridiculous.

Nonetheless, I think it was worth it. This polish is NUTS. Look at that crazy holographic rainbow. Even messed up my camera’s focus so everything looks a bit off for some reason. Just…wow. So amazing it probably deserves its own post.

Time to shatter it up!

Hmm. I think the coats I applied were too thin, so the cracks were also thin.  You can’t really see the cool holographic qualities of the GOSH polish underneath. Thicker coats would be better next time.

This works best over polish that is dry to the touch, or else it doesn’t shatter properly. I think this could also be my issue. Check out the cap of the bottle – the shape of the shatter looks much different than what is actually on my nail, which ended up looking like lightning or tree branches. Still cool, but not what I imagined. Also, a top coat is needed over the shatter to protect it. It dries super fast to a matte finish, but is pretty fragile and can chip off easily.

Worth the hype? I think yes. Gives a really cool effect without much effort. Apparently shatter polishes have been around for a while (I wouldn’t know), but the formula of this OPI one is superb. So ladies, if you want it…better act fast! They’re flying off the shelves.


Revlon – Galaxy

27 Jan

Two posts in one day! ARE YOU EXCITED?!

Really just another excuse to procrastinate. But I won’t ramble this time.

Revlon Galaxy is a clear (slightly blue-tinged) glitter top coat with sparse, uniform glitter that reflects somewhat holographic (rainbow), and some that are deep blue/black (not reflective), with sporadic bits of medium-sized hexagonal glitter. It’s shown here over OPI Russian Navy that I posted two days ago.

My friend, who isn’t even interested in nail polish at all, grabbed my hand today and asked me: “Whoa! What’s on your nails? It looks like…the galaxy!” Haha, so the polish is very aptly named!

Really pretty top coat. My only gripe is that it doesn’t dry to as shiny a finish as I like, and can be somewhat dull-looking. It requires a good top coat to bring out its cosmic-like glory. I got it on sale though, so it was a steal! No harm done.

Zoya – Crystal

27 Jan

Gah I’ve been so busy lately! Too many assignments! Too many Dine Out dinners! Too many birthday parties!

And yet, I still find time to do manicures…and blog. Well, a girl’s gotta take a break, right? Just agree with me. Or else.

Zoya’s Crystal is from their Fire & Ice collection for Winter 2010 (I keep wanting to call this Charla. I don’t even own Charla). I’ve actually had it for almost 2 weeks but never did a mani with it. I tried it on individual fingers and just didn’t really understand its appeal. I think I’ll stay away from foil/uber-glittery polishes for a while – I’m just never satisfied with how they look on me. I prefer the clean, crisp look that cremes have.

What made me do one this time? I was at the mall today and automatically walked into the children’s barber shop that I buy my nail polish from (I know. I can hear Dora the Explorer in the background as I’m perusing the racks). I was desperately trying to find OPI Black Shatter which is currently out with the Katy Perry collection (review coming up), which luckily I did. I went home a happy shopper.

I like how the shatter effect looks over glitter polishes, so I decided to pull out all my most glittery, girly, bitch-to-remove polishes to test out Black Shatter. Zoya Crystal is one of those polishes. I don’t know. I liked how it looked on my finger today as I was testing out Black Shatter. So I went ahead and did all my fingers.

Okay, that’s a really long story on why I decided upon this colour today. I think I’m subconsciously procrastinating. I’m sorry.

Uh yeah, so…Crystal is a very reflective icy blue with a foil finish. It’s densely packed with blue and gold foil glitter. Let me just reiterate that this is very glittery (not chunky glitter, but pow-pow inyoface sparkle). Applied smoothly, but it was sort of sheer so I attempted thicker layers as I didn’t want to do use over two coats. Ended up rushing application (at this point I only had 2 hours to finish my paper) and it turned out kinda sloppy – though luckily it’s hard to tell from the picture.

This is my first Zoya polish and let’s just say that I’m not that impressed with this one, though I’m excited to try others. Especially now that I’ve found a bricks-and-mortar store in Vancouver that sells them! And for around $6, that’s not bad, even for a polish I’m ‘meh’ about.

EDIT// Change of heart. I checked my nails outside today outside and they look bitchin’. Honestly. I think this looks so crappy under incandescent light (way too glittery and lacking definition, if that makes sense). But under low lighting outdoors, this colour looks wonderful! I can clearly make out the irregularly shaped bits of gold glitter on top of a sea of fine blue foil glitter. It’s like someone spilled molten gold into an ocean (if molten gold floated, that is). Fabulous!

Aaaand I’m not even going to spell check. Have fun reading my typos and run-ons! :) Did it anyway, couldn’t stand it, haha!

OPI – Russian Navy

25 Jan

And now for a classic!

(Taken indoors under incandescent light; click to enlarge)

OPI’s Russian Navy originally came out with their Russian Collection in 2007, and it’s a staple for me. It’s a beautiful deep navy with blue, purple, and red shimmer. The full-size image shows the latter especially well – I think it makes the polish quite unique. I have a Revlon polish called Midnight Affair which is similar in base colour and darkness to this, but lacks the red shimmer (IMO making it less interesting).

Applies wonderfully – no problems to report!

Overall, a great one to have in your collection – no girl should be without a dark navy polish!

Essie – Sew Psyched

23 Jan

I love green nail polishes – deep hunter green, bright emeralds, pale mints, dirtied olives – I would even consider wearing a neon fluorescent (sadly I do not own one as of now). In fact, I honestly can’t think of a colour of nail polish that I dislike because I think it’s too “strange”. Though obviously I have once disliked a colour because it made my fingers look funky. One such colour was Manila by American Apparel – made my cuticles look bright red!

I digress. For those of you who aren’t that inclined towards crazy colours though, perhaps you should get your feet wet with this gorgeous number:

(Picture taken indoors under incandescent lamp – click to enlarge)

Ah, Essie. It’s a love it or hate it brand for most people, and I subscribe to the former group. They never stray too far away from what they’re good at (classic and trendy neutrals), but why change a good thing? Formula us usually top-notch. My only gripe with the brand is that their brush isn’t stellar. I’ll save all my comments on that for a future post on brush comparisons!

Sew Psyched hails from Essie’s Fall 2010 collection and is a winner in my book. It’s a dusty greyed-green with a very subtle white/silver shimmer – super hard to detect. It’s a great colour for the colour-wary – subtle, not too in-your-face, but yet still noticeably green. No complaints with the formula – looked great with two coats and applied very evenly.

It’s successfully quelling my lemming for Chanel’s Khaki Vert (it’s not a dupe, though Sew Psyched does happen to be an near-identical dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Diddy Mow). It’s also an extremely wearable colour that doesn’t get me weird looks from strangers, like the time I wore a highlighter yellow nail polish (for the record, I didn’t like how it looked on me, but I had no time to take it off D:).

It suddenly occurred to me that you probably want to know where I bought this – again, I will likely write a blog in the future detailing where I buy nail polish in the Greater Vancouver area. Stay tuned! :)

Welcome to The Lacquer Log!

19 Jan

For months, I’ve been diligently swatching and taking pictures of nail polishes as I acquire them. I figure having them presented all in one blog might be nice :) This will be where I dump all my nail polish swatches. Well, and the hope is that it’ll provide you with a little useful information.

So, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what else to write for my first post and I’m not an eloquent writer, so rather than pretend like I am, let’s just jump right into it!

The first nail polish to make it on the blog has to be worth it, right? Even though I’ve only gotten it around a week ago, OPI’s Tease-y Does It from their Burlesque collection has fast become one of my favourite polishes of all time. Yes, the name is cringe-inducing, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from OPI.

Well, never mind about the name…look at the magnificent red shimmer! The shimmer is fine, not gritty at all, and definitely does not verge into glitter territory. And look at the brownish plum, almost smoke-y base! It’s so gorgeous. It’s vampy without being goth, edgy while still being quite neutral. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails all day. I even wore it twice in a row – that is unprecedented, y’all.

As with most OPI’s, the formula was fantastic – not too thick or runny, fully opaque in two coats, with an awesome brush. I’ve tried a lot of polishes and the OPI ProWide brushes are still my favourite.

Aha, ideas for future posts: brush comparisons, and perhaps tutorials? Hope I have enough time for all of that…cross your fingers for me!

Oh and special thanks to my good friend Alison for coming up with the blog name – I was seriously considering scrapping this if I couldn’t come with a name soon. <3